Making art! Umbrella with RGB leds

Skrevet af Rudi // lørdag jan 18, 2014 under Electronics

This was actually a project I have been talking about making for a long time. The first idea was to use low cost RGB leds and PWM controllers, but this would take too much time to solder together, so it was decided to make a prototype using RGB LED chains with build in WS2811 controller instead.

Below is a video of the umbrella in action. (Sorry for the poor quality)

The project is based on arduino and software from so the light patterns are designed for a circular LED chain setup, but it looks fairly nice on the umbrella too :)

Future plans for features have already been made!

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Ethernet controlled light

Skrevet af Rudi // mandag nov 12, 2012 under Electronics

Some weeks ago i made a quick little prof-of-concept project. The main idea is to be able to control both light, windows and heater with a google calender, so all units automatically will follow my schedule and always make sure that the room is aired out when i am away and heated when i come home.

Currently all lights in my work room is connected to remote controlled switches, so they can be controlled by wireless remotes. The remotes uses a known radio protocol running on 433MHz to change state on the switches.

This prof-of-concept focuses on the part on connecting the lights to the ethernet. It presents a small web page that shows the current states of the lights and has buttons to turn it on or off. The microcontroller also listens for the remote actions, so it can update the web page according to changes made by the remote.

The project itself it quite simple. The ethernet module only needs power and a SPI connection to work. The 433MHz receiver uses an interrupt enabled pin and the transmitter uses a standard IO pin. Arduino opensource software libraries for all parts can easily be found on the internet, and only takes short time to put together.

Parts used:

  • Arduino clone
  • enc28j60 ethernet module
  • 433MHz transmitter and receiver

image image


The project works as expected, but there is a lot of room for improvements. The library used for the 433MHz receiver and transmitter probably needs some work, as it sometimes seems to come out of sync but i might also be a hardware problem on the 433MHz module. The ethernet library works great, but the code in the main function is messy and needs to be cleaned up.

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