Getting æøå on a uk keyboard

Skrevet af Rudi // mandag jun 16, 2014 under Linux

In the need for æøå on a keyboard with no such keys, xmodmap can be used to assign these symbols to the existing layout. In my case i wanted to map æ on altgr+e, ø on altgr+o and å on altgr+a.

First a user specific keyboard file needs to be created:

 # xmodmap -pke > ~/.Xmodmap

Modify the following lines:

 keycode 26 = e E e E ae AE ae
 keycode 32 = o O o O oslash Oslash oslash
 keycode 38 = a A a A aring Aring aring

Loading the altered configuration to the server:

 # xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap

The command can be run at login by adding it to .xinitrc as suggested in the reference.


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