I have a lot of project ideas i would like to build, but often they only get to the planning phase.  Here is a list of some of my project ideas.

Gasoline stand price reporting app

The idea is to be able to turn in gasoline prices to a global database with your andoid phone, only by taking a picture of the gasoline stand while driving by. The app should be using computer vision to find the stand on the picture and extract the prices. It could be cool to be able to report to an existing gasoline comparison site like benzinpriser.dk or tjekbenzin.dk.


The idea is to install serveral cameras around a fishtank and use computer vision to determine the position of the fish in the tank, their activities and path arround the wather. The calculated data should be presented in an open gl environment to visualize the position of the fish. A cool add-on idea could be, to be able to use the data to process a view of what the fish is currently seeing.
(This idea i got because i used about an hour looking a some new fish i bought for a friend. The exiting part was to see if any of them got eaten by the crayfish in the tank. None did at that time)

“Produced power” reader for the solar panel

Use my old windows mobile phone to periodic take pictures of the power meter for the solar cells. Using computer vision to get the number from the power meter and send it back to a server, and visualize it on a web page with something like RRD graphing and showing the current weather forecast next to. This way i will be easy to compare the weather with the amount of produced electricity from the solar cells.

Linear servo

A currently active project. The idea is to use the DC motor from a battery drilling machine and the opensource project openservo, to make a linear servo. So far i have made the controlling electronics for the motor, and i’we started making a rotary encoder for measuring the speed and position. When the rotary encoder is finished, some code needs to be written to be able to use it with the openservo project. And still a need a lot of  metal work before i have anything useful running.

License plates

This project would be perfect if i had a carPC in my car, which i unfortunately dont. But the ideas is to install a camera in the front and back of the car, and then analyse the pictures from the camera with computer vision to get the licenseplates, and write in a database where the licenseplate was seen. This way i could get i notice, if i drive near i car i have been near before. This could be used to see what the chances are for meeting the same car twice, and maybe find out if i am frequently driving the same way as somebody else.

Movie kite

The idea is to have some IR lights in the corners of the kite, and use a hi resolution video camera to track these points. The calculated position should be used to turn a video projector in the direction of the kite, and some software should do some cropping to match the shape of the kite and the projected image. This way it will be possible to display movies on the kite.

NAS on a cheap router using OpenWRT

GSM bike tracker

home automation with google calendar backend

FPGA based class-D amplifier

The idea is to use an FPGA to implement DSP cores, interface and a efficient way of pulsing the transistors. A cool feature would be to support sound inputs directly from a USB cable, as this  avoids a lot of input noise.

ATmega car tracking

  • Ignition cut-off watchdog (Cut the ignition after 2 minutes if the car has been jacked)
  • OBD-II remote read
  • Remote start
  • “Remote camera”