Slow wordpress

Skrevet af Rudi // lørdag feb 5, 2011 under Hosting

After moving my wordpress installation (2.6.2) to my new server i noticed a big problem with loadtimes. Even simple wordpress sites took about 5 seconds or more to load.

My first attempt to solve the problem was to see if there was a problem with hardware performance on the server. This seemed unlikely because the server is (almost) dedicated to host this site. And of course this wasn’t the problem. Almost no workload was experienced when requesting a wordpress page.

Secondly i tried to turn off all wordpress plugins, to see if some of them was causing the troubles. This didn’t help.

Finally i found the problem. I turns out that wordpress needs to be able to make DNS requests, and my new server is connected to my DMZ zone, where only a few necessary ports are opened. By allowing DNS to pass trough, the problem was solved. Even though outgoing HTTP traffic still is blocked.

Conclusion: Your wordpress hosting server needs to be able to make DNS request.

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